Diana Jordan

America's Funniest Motivational Speaker!


Revive, Engage & Laugh!

Experience an exciting and fun way to deal with change, stress, burnout and get your head together!

Strengthening resilience through Laughter!

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Diana Jordan

America's Funniest Motivational Speaker!


Revive, Engage & Laugh!

Experience an exciting and fun way to deal with change, stress, burnout and get your head together!

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Oprah selects Diana Jordan, "One of the funniest people on the Planet!"

In Person – Virtual – Hybrid

Funny Motivational Speaker is ready to WOW, REVIVE, IGNITE, & ENTERTAIN at your event!

2000 shows- 2000 standing ovations- 2000 Thank You’s!

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Diana is also a certified Laughter Therapist who has been speaking professionally for over a decade as well as an award-winning stand-up comedian for 20 years, Diana has entertained over a million people live and on television!

Diana’s Hot Speaking Topics!

Topics can be combined!

Funny Healthcare Speaker

“The Healing Power of Laughter!

A powerful message delivered with wit, wisdom, and humor! Diana is guaranteed to spark-up your healthcare event with solid important content delivered with a much-needed healthy dose of humor! Diana brings actionable tools whether it’s the business side of healthcare organizations such as ASPAN, MGMA & CMSA to nursing schools and hospitals across America. Diana is a favorite!  CEU

Healthcare Speaker

Nurses’ Speaker
“The Healing Power of Laughter – Nourishing the nurse within you!” CEU credit

‘Nobody needs a good laugh more than a nurse!” After speaking to hundreds of nursing groups Diana knows how nurses want to feel appreciated and aids them in acquiring tools to help interact with patients and one another. Stress relief techniques, celebrating your resilience, and you can find the ‘funny’ in life and defuse uncomfortable situations.  ‘During cancer treatment, my favorite nurse once asked me, “Are you allergic to any meds? Foods? People?” I wasn’t afraid anymore. CEU

Diana Jordan motivational keynote speaker

Stress Management Speaker & Laughter Therapist
“Tackling burnout & strengthening resilience through laughter!”

Resilience! In todays world it is absoutely vital! How can humor help you strengthen this valuable asset? “I refuse to let Pantyhose or Spanx be more resilient than I am!”  Diana offers up concise solutions to these questions and more as well as sharing examples of how you can develop or retain a sense of humor in today’s ever changing world. Can some people really be addicted to stress? How to deal them them or maybe yourself!  CEU

Diana Jordan, Breast Cancer Survivor Speaker

Cancer Survivor Speaker
“Fifty Shades of Pink – A Journey of Hope & Humor!”

Diana was a top speaker at oncology events even before her own cancer diagnosis! Her humor & health messages were not only popular, but much needed in the stressful world of cancer. Before becoming a grateful survivor, Diana lost her father and brother both to cancer. She knew that as a well-known comedian and celebrity she had the power to make a difference by delivering important tools for prevention and practical advice on living with and surviving this disease. 

Female Stand-up Comedian- Clean Corporate Comedian

Oprah says, “Diana Jordan is one of the funniest people on the planet!”

Diana has been nominated by The American Comedy Awards as one of the top 5 female comedians in America!” Whether it’s her many appearances on TV such as Showtime specials as well as HBO, Comedy Central, to live shows at Radio City Music Hall Diana is the best! Performing stand-up comedy or high energy M.C. for clubs, colleges, healthcare groups or Fortune 500 Companies Diana is simply, “One of the funniest people on the planet!”  Oprah

Mental Health and Wellness Speaker
“This is your brain on humor!”

Diana’s words ring true about choosing to be happy, finding the “funny” in our lives to de-stress from dis-tress. A trauma survivor, Diana shares how important humor has been in the healing & dealing process, & how attitude deeply impacts one’s ability to function and recognize triggers. “We need to look more on our inside instead of our outside. There is no ‘brain-tune’ app we can download.

Women’s Corporate Leadership Speaker
“Leadership & Laughter! 

Need a corporate woman’s speaker who not only makes real sense, offers up actionable tools but also makes you laugh?  Not your usual cookie- cutter Speaker, veteran stand-up comedian Diana knows women need real courage. You cannot do it all or alone.  Recent studies prove that using humor equals being a better leader & team builder which generates more business. 

Go Red Speaker
“The Power of a Happy Heart”

“Heart disease runs in Diana’s family so she knows what she speaks. She was a huge hit at our Go Red Luncheon in both San Angelo & Abilene TX as well as at National Conference.  Diana is super to work with and is an outstanding entertainer while delivering important facts and tools to help those with heart disease and prevention.” Frann Smith- AHA Corporate Market Director 


Diana Jordan

Strengthen your resilience through laughter and learn to tackle change with humor!

As a funny Motivational Speaker, Diana believes, ” The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy!”

Make your event replete with solid, relevant content, delivered with a healthy dose of humor, chock full of funny stories and clever anecdotes.  Diana will demonstrate the many ways that humor bonds people, strengthens resilience, increases work performance and reduces absenteeism. Your audience will discover ways to cope with stress and change in the workplace and in their daily lives, and during this hour, they will have a blast!

CEU Credit Available

“THANK YOU! Diana was engaging, funny and made sure our day started with energy and passion!” Danielle Bromley -AdventHealth-Special Events Supervisor

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

“She made me laugh.”

Robin Williams

“Trust me, she’s funny and great at all she does!”

Jane Fonda

“I loved working with Diana. She is not only brave but really funny!”

George Lopez

“Diana, is the real deal! Amazing at what she does and as a person!”

Joan Rivers

“Yes, Diana is a pretty comic, but don’t worry, age will take care of that!”

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