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Oprah selects Diana Jordan, “One of the funniest people on the Planet!”

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Healthcare Speaking event at Baptist Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida

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Drive away burnout and thrive with less Stress through Humor!”

Diana’s Speaking Topics

Dynamic Healthcare Speaker~

Just a simple smile can be the beginning of a conversation.

The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy! Diana is guaranteed to spark up your event!  An absoutely dynamic Healthcare Speaker!

Stress Management Speaker~

“One minute of anger weakens your immune system for 4-5 hours. 1 minute of laugher boosts your immune system for up to 24 hours.”So how can you laugh more? Make an appointment with yourself to laugh!Humor in the Workplace

Funny Nurse’s Speaker~

The 5 stages of Burnout! Which stage are you performing your life on? Call it what it is. No longer passion fatigue. We are all potentially facing burnout and we’re burned-up about it! With understanding and a good dose of humor I discuss the stages & how you can stop running on empty & fill yourself & your life up again and be better for it!

Cancer Survivor Speaker~

An 13 year breast cancer survivor (YAY!) and 20 year veteran of standup comedy, Diana brings a burst of energy and sense of hope to every event and attendee she has been blessed to come in contact with. “Do we need a book,’Cancer Etiquette for dummies?’ Yep, I’m writing it!’

 Women’s Event Speaker~

Do women always agree? Do they always get along? Finding a mentor is so important and keeping a positive attitude is essential to succeed.

Healthcare Speaker Visual Presentation Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi – Leadership & Laughter 2021

Healthcare Speaker

Nurse’s Speaker

Breast  Cancer Speaker

Mental Health Speaker

Stress Management Speaker

Motivational Women’s Speaker

About Diana Jordan

Diana is an active and strong advocate for women’s breast health, heart disease research & wellness as well as the CEO of her company, “Laugh your Mask Off!”  She is also a top motivational speaker for women’s groups specializing in leadership.  Speaking came natural to Diana who over the last couple of decades has become a top healthcare, nurses, motivational, mental health speaker, and  top women’s event speaker. With over twenty years experience as an award winning stand up comedian (ask Oprah) Diana brings much needed laughter to each event especially after the rough year we’ve all had. Her fantastic sense of humor and improvisational skills can make an audience cry – with laughter.

Diana is also an active member of the National Speakers Association, A Certified Virtual Presenter and is an Internationally Certified laughter therapist and coach.

ENGAGE! DIANA believes that when you engage in the process of improving yourself and being open to seeing things from a different perspective you open yourself and your team to fantastic possibilities. LAUGH!

As a result of having entertained over a million people live & on television, Diana Jordan came to realize that by making people laugh she helped them deal with life’s stresses while at the same time motivating them and teaching them what she had learned over the past 25 years how finding the funny in laugh and how laughter nourishes the soul and changes your outlook on life.” Diana  enjoys sailing and her puppy, Miss Gidget while living near the beach in Marina del Rey, California. for more click below.