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Experience an exciting & fun way to deal with change, stress, burnout and get your head back together!

Oprah selects Diana Jordan, “One of the funniest people on the Planet!”

Diana Jordan

America’s funniest Healthcare Speaker, Nurse Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Stress Management Speaker, Stand-up Comedian and much more!

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Nurses and administrators having a much-needed laugh with Diana at Miami Cancer Institute- Baptist Health South Florida

Drive away burnout and thrive with less Stress through Humor!”

Diana’s Speaking Topics

Dynamic Healthcare Speaker ~

“The Healing Power of Laughter!”

“A smile can be the shortest distance between two people and the beginning of a great conversation or solution.”

The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy! Diana is guaranteed to spark-up your event with solid important content delivered with a much-needed healthy dose of humor! From the business side of healthcare organizations such as MGMA to ASPAN and nursing schools and hospitals across America, Diana is one of the most popular healthcare speakers in America. You deserve Dynamic Diana as your Healthcare Speaker!

Stress Management Speaker -How to tackle change & burnout using humor!

“Humor in the Workplace – tackling change and burnout using humor!”

‘Got Stress?”  Ever met anyone addicted to stress? 

“I give you permission to laugh!” It’s time to get back to finding the levity in life and enjoying its many benefits. Like health, wealth, love & friendships! Why do we seem to fall off the levity ledge at around 23 years old? You don’t have to. Yes, you can still present a professional persona and be fun, funny, and bring that into your workplace. As a certified laughter leader, it’s clear how much Diana enjoys being a stress management speaker and bringing the much-needed tools and experience of her laughter therapy to each audience member. Everyone leaves feeling inspired, informed and Edu-tained!

Funny Nurse’s Speaker! ~

‘The Healing Power of Laughter- Nourishing the nurse within you!”

 I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. (No, not near Tiger King) I had the same Doctor and school nurse for 10 years.  There is something very special about those relationships and it was my first inkling that I might want to be a nurse when I grew up. So, I was so very disappointed when in the 7th grade my dreams of becoming a candy striper were dashed when my homeroom teacher inadvertently misspelled the word striper on the permission slip for my parents to sign and put ‘stripper.’  My dad flipped, my mom cried, and I locked myself in my room.

Being a funny nurse’s speaker came  naturally as I know the healing power of laughter firsthand as I experienced it during my journey with breast cancer. Nurses became my support system, my heroes and made me an honorary Candy Striper!

Cancer Survivor Speaker ~

“Fifty Shades of Pink- a Journey of Hope & Humor!”   

As a 12-year grateful breast cancer survivor (YAY!) and 20-year veteran of standup comedy, I love to bring hope, honesty and hilarity to every cancer event I speak at. Is cancer funny? Of course, not- but our outlook can be. “Do we need a book, ‘Cancer Etiquette for dummies?’ Yep, I’m writing it!’ Maybe then people will stop asking me when I had my ‘vasectomy.” True dat!

Women’s Corporate & Leadership Speaker ~

“Leadership & Laughter! A dynamic duo!” 

  Diana broke the glass ceiling by being the only woman called by Oprah, “As one of the funniest people on the planet!” As a team player she knows that “You cannot do it all and you cannot do it alone.  And you don’t have to trade in your sense of humor for a pants-suit!”  Being a women’s corporate & leadership speaker is special. Statistics say we start to lose our sense of humor around the age of 23.  Learn tools and feel inspired as fall off your chair laughing. Business can be seriously funny.  Learn how you can not only reclaim your sense of humor but by implementing it be more productive and have better communication with your clients and co-workers. As a women’s Corporate & Leadership Speaker, Diana demonstrates how humor does belong in the workplace and is a great tool to bond all age groups and ethnicities. 

Healthy Heart Speaker ~

“The Power of a Happy Heart!”

Most people do not understand how laughter and having a sense of humor are very important ingredients in the prevention of a heart attack and keeping healthy afterward.  Laughter lowers blood pressure, massages the heart and reduces stress, while giving an overall sense of well-being. “Heart disease runs in my family- and I lost my mom to it. I care!” Diana delivers an informational as well as moving Presentation filled with hilarious stories and observations that leave audiences feeling uplifted, enlightened, and laughing!

Girls Night Out Speaker ~

Female, Fertile, & Frustrated!” 

“You will laugh till tears run down your leg!” 

Diana conceived, wrote, produced, directs, and stars in this hilarious, thoughtful, insightful show which she has performed around the Country. “Female, Fertile, & Frustrated!” also has the illustrious distinction in Los Angeles of being the longest running one-person show at the world-famous Icehouse Comedy Club. Girls Night Out or Girls Day Out or any event that you are having where, “Girls just wanna have fun- Diana Jordan” is for you!

Stand Up Comedian & MC ~

As a 25-year female standup comedian comedy, Diana Jordan has worked in such prestigious venues as The Kennedy Center, Radio City Music Hall and many major hotels in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Oprah says, “Diana Jordan is one of the funniest people on the planet!” and a year crowned standup comedian Diana Jordan as, “A star of tomorrow!” Whether it’s performing stand-up comedy or as a high energy Mistress of Ceremonies, Diana is incredibly engaging and downright hysterical! 

A bit about Dynamic Diana Jordan:

Diana is a top motivational speaker for women’s groups, healthcare businesses, nursing conventions and events as well as cancer organizations. She is a 14 year breast cancer survivor and credits her sense of humor in helping her deal with her journey and recovery. “Laughter is absolutely the magic bullet!”  

 With over twenty years’ experience as an award-winning stand-up comedian, Diana brings much needed laughter to every event. After the rough couple of years, we’ve all had she is very, very, appreciated!   Diana is also a member of the National Speakers Association, a Certified Virtual Presenter and is an Internationally Certified laughter therapist and coach.

As a result of having entertained over a million people live & on television, Diana Jordan came to realize that by making people laugh she was helping them deal with life’s stresses. After her battle with cancer, she found that she could teach people how to apply what she had learned and experienced while at the same time motivating and inspiring them.

Diana has also been featured on Oprah for her talents as a comedian and writer. Her hilarious, best-selling book called, A Wife’s Little Instruction Book, Your Survival Guide to Marriage Without Bloodshed! has sold over 500,000 copies in five languages. She has also been nominated by The American Comedy Awards as, “One of the top five female comedians in the country!” where she was personally introduced by Joan Rivers. She has appeared in many comedy specials, including, Showtime’s Women of the Night, Evening at the Improv, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight, CBS News, The Match-Game, Netflix and many more.


Audiences always comment on how quick Diana is to improvise on stage to gales of laughter. This skill comes from studying improvisational comedy with fellow classmate/date-mate Robin Williams.  CBS Network and Twentieth Century Fox Studios put her under contract for her self-written autobiographical sitcom. On the movie screen, Diana co-starred in“Loretta’s Surprise,” which was featured at the Sundance Film Festival, ‘Blood Pageant’ a comedy/horror movie with Snoop Dog which was released fall of 2021, and can also be seen in the hit movie “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise. You’ll see her sitting next to Cruise during the now famous “You complete me” and “You had me at hello” scenes!
Cruise says, “Diana is funny and smart, she had me at “ha! ha!”

Diana is a member of SAG, AFTRA, BMI, The National Speakers Association, and The Writers Guild of America

She and her puppy, Miss Gidget Bardot live in Marina del Rey, California and Miss Gidget enjoys paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing. Diana goes along for the ride. Miss Gidget Bardot (a tiny Shih Tzu) enjoys the sunshine and the wind blowing through her little ponytails just like her mom!

America's Funniest Nurses Speaker

"The Healing Power of Laugher"

Nourishing the nurse within you.

I grew Awesome! Great “EDU-TAINMENT!” Your “learn and laugh” was a big hit!  Your presentation was sooo funny, and I know the nurses loved every bit of it! 

Thank You!

Joy S. Robinson, MS

Office of Human Resources and Learning, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities

Hilarious Nurse’s speaker guaranteed to revive, refresh, and reinvigorate your next nursing events! Not your typical cookie-cutter speaker!

Life is back in session! You have permission to laugh!

Corporate Event Speaker

"Be Bold and Brave!"

How women can be Fearless & more productive using humor!

Diana is a certified laughter therapist

“The hustle brings the dollar; the experience brings the knowledge. The persistence~ brings the success!”

What makes Diana Jordan a different kind of women’s motivational speaker is how she uses a big twist of humor to deliver her takeaway tools and motivation. “We’ve traded in our punchlines for pants-suits! Life is in session again and it’s time to rediscover your sense of humor and all the rewards it brings to you and your associates!” Why is humor so important in productivity? Human connection? Closing the deal?  Diana shares strategies that can help deal with stress, anxiety & burnout using the vehicle of comedy that assures a fun and rewarding presentation.