America’s  Funniest Nurse’s Speaker

“The Healing Power of Laughter –

Nourishing the nurse within you and avoid burnout!”

Oprah selects Diana Jordan, “One of the funniest people on the Planet!”

Nurse Learning Objectives

AANN convention

Diana’s Mission Statement:  

“To heal the world one laugh at a time…”

Learning Objective #1.  Describes the power of humor to decrease tension, anxiety, and burnout. This will promote personal healing, productivity, and less sick days.

Learning Objective #2.  How to make your own ‘Giggle-Box!” and get the health benefits of laughter.

Learning Objective #3.  How to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation using humor and list several ways participants can add humor with colleagues and patients. Nurses, once they are aware that levity and laughter are proven tools for stress reduction & healing, will find many ways to provide it in their work & home.

Learning Objective #4.   Understanding the complexity of using humor in a diverse workplace and why laughter bonds people.

Learning Objective #5.  Delivers scientific evidence of the many health benefits of laughter- the cheapest insurance because it’s free!

AANN convention

Learning Objective #6.   Points out that nurses and those in the healthcare field tend to put themselves ‘last.’- The importance of taking care and nourishing yourself.  Make an appointment with yourself for your yearly checkups.

Learning Objective #7.  Delivers the many health benefits and statistics of laughter including stress reduction, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, massages the heart, pain management, releases endorphins and laughter can help you lose weight!

As a top nurse’s speaker, Diana’s words speak loud and true about how we can make the choice to be happy, find the funny in our lives, take responsibility for our own health and de-stress from dis-tress.

CEU Credit Avaliable

Why not bring something different and special for your next Nurse’s event?

A seasoned healthcare Speaker who specializes in being a nurse’s speaker, Diana covers important objectives and offers CEU credit. As a breast cancer survivor Diana is a favorite nurse speaker and knows the importance of not only inspiring nurses but giving them encouragement to take care of themselves as well. “Put on your oxygen mask first and then take care of others!”

Nurses seem to postpone getting their yearly checkups putting them on the back burner. The consequences of this contribute to nurses having such a high degree of burnout! Diana has been a nurse speaker for many organizations and nursing schools including John Hopkins School of Nursing where she demonstrated how humor can also be a useful tool to cope with stress, defuse potentially difficult situations and can increases morale as well as productivity in the workplace.

Enjoy a quick video sample of Diana Jordan – America’s Funniest Nurse’s Speaker

I know about burnout. I’ve experienced it several times over my career as a Speaker, Actress, Comedian, Author and Wife. (yes, you can get burned out in a marriage.)

There are 5 stages of Burnout- (seems like there are more.) I know nurses feel OVERWORKED- UNDER-APPRECIATED STRESSED OUT and now BURNED OUT. With understanding and a good dose of humor I discuss the different stages (and a few of my own) and how you can stop running on empty and fill yourself and your life up again and be the better for it!

Client Love for Diana Jordan, Nurse’s Speaker –

“Diana Jordan was awesome! Who knew that a National Neonatal Conference could be so much fun! Diana was a great close to a great Conference!”

Janice Abbsa

RN- New Orleans, Lousiana

“On behalf of Long Island Health Network, a resounding THANK YOU for making ‘Energizing the spirit of the Health Care Professional’ such a success! To energize is to rejuvenate, and everyone was inspired with a new self perspective, which will hopefully resonate throughout our Network.”

Kathleen Masiukus

Long Island Health Network

“Diana was very well received at our 35th Anniversary SOHN Congress and contributed to the overall success of our meeting! Program evaluations indicated that it was informative and tools (were) given to take back into the work place.” 

Sharon Tallent

RN - Patient Care Coordinator, Home Health Care of East TN, Inc. & Hospic

America's Funniest Nurse's Speaker

"The Healing Power of Laugher"

Nourishing the nurse within you.

A seasoned healthcare Speaker who specializes in speaking at nurse events Diana covers important objectives and offers  CEU credit.

Mental Health & Wellness Speaker

"Let's talk about Mental Health"

Diana is a certified laughter therapist

As a mental health and wellness speaker I bring my stories, experiences and shine a light on how most of us have or are suffering from some sort of trauma.