Diana  Jordan

Author, Speaker, Actress,  Comedian, M.C. – Movie & TV Personality

Diana Jordan

Author, Speaker, Actress, Comedian, M.C. – Movie & TV Personality

Diana Jordan is a best-selling author, actress, screenwriter, and award-winning stand-up comedian that Oprah calls, “One of the funniest people on the plant.”

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As seen on Oprah, A Wife’s Little Instruction Book has sold over 500,000 copies in 5 languages.

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To order an autographed copy of Diana’s book or her CD visit her contact page or email: diana@dianajordan.com 

Diana was cast as one of the divorced women’s group in the hit Jerry Maguire!

Each of Diana’s Topics has actionable tools & loads of humor.  Speaking professionally for over a decade as well as being an award-winning stand-up comedian for 20 years. Diana has entertained over a million people live and on television. A survivor of PTSD, when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 came as no surprise. However, resilience is one of Diana’s many gifts. She came to realize that by making people laugh, she could help them deal with life’s stresses, motivate them, and teach them what she has learned over the past 30 years about how great laughter is in nourishing yourself and changing your outlook on life and your life.

A trauma survivor on many levels, including a fall from a balance-beam at 13 that kept her from qualifying for Olympic try-outs, a long bout with Mono, a sick parent, two sick parents & caring for a younger sibling. A preventative cancer surgery on her jaw that left her unable to laugh or smile for 2 years was when she knew for sure how healing laughter was.  She was miserable.  As her smile and laugh came back, so did her spark and she hasn’t stopped since! Diana is a true survivor. Her resilience is as contagious as her attitude and humor!

Growing up in a small air-force town in Oklahoma, Diana began her career as a country singer. She could lose herself in the music. Be somebody else. Touring the U.S., she ended up where she had dreamed about- California!  It was here that she began her career in acting, writing, and stand-up comedy. She was accepted into a prestigious comedy class that included an unknown, Robin Williams. ‘He taught me about courage.” Diana believes it takes real courage to not only succeed in business but in your personal life as well. Each of her Topics has actionable tools & humor. From Healthcare, to Stress, to Cancer to Mental Health, or just a fun Girls Night Out.

Diana has been featured on Oprah (twice) for her talents as a comedian and writer where Oprah named her, “One of the funniest people on the planet!”  Her hilarious, best-selling book, A Wife’s Little Instruction Book, Your Survival Guide to Marriage Without Bloodshed! has sold over 500,000 copies. She has also been nominated by The American Comedy Awards as, One of the top five female comedians in the country!” 

On the movie screen: Diana co-starred in “Loretta’s Surprise,” featured at Sundance, ‘Blood Pageant’ a 2021 comedy/horror spoof starring Billy Baldwin & Snoop Dogg, and,“Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise. You can see her sitting next to Cruise during, “You complete me” & You had me at hello” scenes!  Cruise says, “Diana is funny and smart, she had me at “ha! ha!”

Diana has spoken to Fortune Five Hundred Companies as well as groups as small as 30- she believes that God gave her the gift to make people laugh and learn and it is her heart’s desire to heal the world one laugh at a time.

Diana Jordan

“Healing the world one laugh at a time…”