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Babies laugh on the average of 200 times a day. Adults about seven. What?s that about! Babies laugh out of joy. Just joy! Or gas. Adults don?t laugh at gas, unless it?s your grandpa.

#Go Red luncheons promote heart health.

Among others as a #Susan G. Komen #breast cancer survivor speaker I always make my audience laugh.

What people really want to know about laughing is if you laugh a lot can it help you tone your abs?! According to www.gaiam.com, the answer is a big fat YES!

When?you?are?laughing, the muscles in your stomach expand and contract, similar to when?you intentionally exercise your?abs. Meanwhile, the muscles?you?are not using to?laugh are getting an opportunity to relax. No wonder I?ve always had a flat stomach?maybe I can eat more

Than I think I can if laugh even more! People, pets, life, work and most everything provide laughter for me. You just have to pay attention to your life and your surroundings and I assure you that you will laugh your ass off, literally. That phrase wasn?t just made up.?? Perhaps that?s why a lot of women who struggle with their weight don?t have a sense of humor.
So let?s get one!!

Why don?t adults laugh more? Peer pressure? Fear of looking silly? Fear of not being sensitive? Is it just Fear?

Two of the of the most used words in the Bible are ?Joy? and ?Fear.? ?Be joyful!? ?Fear not.? They appear to be the opposite but might actually have something in common.

We don?t need permission to laugh. It is a personal choice.

We are the only species born with the ability to laugh ? use it. If you play a recording of a laugh backward it sounds the same. Laughing is our right and it should be in the Declaration of Independence along with ?Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness?and a giggle or two.?