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Diana Jordan

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“Diana succeeded in teaching an audience entrenched in the ever- changing healthcare field environment how to laugh. I recommend this HIGH ENERGY women who will fill a room with pure laughs & happiness!”

Dee Soule, BBA  MBAHCM, Healthcare Operations Solutions

Dynamic Diana Jordan

Author – Comedienne – Motivational Speaker – Cancer Survior – Actress

Let Diana shine as your perfect funny business conference or meeting Keynote. Diana also excels at corporate comedy, healthcare conventions & women’s events.


Diana brings a sense of hope and hilarity in all of her Topics including- Humor in the Workplace, Surviving Cancer, and Leadership & Laughter!

VIRTUAL EVENT: “ Dynamic Diana! The virtual Keynote recording was awesome and I was laughing out loud multiple times! Such a great uplifting way to start the convention! You’re the best and so talented!”

Joey Box-Jarman – ISHA VP of Professional Development IEP Therapy and PediPlay Speech Therapist

A certified Laughter Therapist and Healthcare Speaker, Diana helps companies with stress-busting, burnout, mindfulness, overcoming adversity and reclaiming your life! She demonstrates how humor is the key ingredient that is missing in our work and lives and how to easily incorporate it.

Diana demonstrates through case studies, laugh-out-loud anecdotes, and life experiences how laughter is the key to good health, wealth, and success!

“To say Diana was sensational is an understatement. She was absolutely hilarious for a full 90-minutes. Frankly, the audience didn’t want to let her go. We brought her back three years later!”

Catherine Stevenson

Community Resource Liaison, Memorial Healthcare

Everything you need to plan your event with Diana

As a Certified Laughter Therapist and Healthcare Speaker, Diana Jordan believes you can’t be less stressful and fearless in business unless you are less stressed and fearless in your life. Dare to see the positive in all kinds of changes and use your common-sense-of-humor to deal with the challenging changes, situations, burnout, and feeling overwhelmed.

  • Attendees learn how to make their own personal “Giggle Box” that helps you smile and bust stress!
  • See why Oprah calls Diana, “One of the funniest people on the Planet!”

Diana Jordan is that something different and exciting you’ve been looking for, she’s here for you!

  • Diana is excellent in all areas of Press. Since Oprah called her, “One of the funniest people on the planet”? It seems everyone wants to interview her! And meet her! Knowing Tom Cruise doesn’t hurt!
  • Will do onsite press conferences and is always available for her clients needs
  • Will attend a VIP event lunch/dinner or cocktail reception.
  • Would be excited to meet with the VIP’s! She understands it can be a very important part of the event.


Can Diana make her presentation personal to the attendees?

  • Diana can tailor her Presentation to the event in any way they choose.
  • Promote event via social media. Diana’s celebrity status can draw a bigger audience.
  • She is excellent on the radio for pre-event calls with local or national radio stations, television appearances, or newspaper interviews.

Does Diana have anything to promote her appearance?

  • Diana has a hilarious book, “A Wife’s Little Instruction Book –  your survival guide to marriage without bloodshed!” as seen on Oprah.
  • Diana has three forthcoming books: ?”My life on the Big C list”, which describes her journey with breast cancer and believe it or not, it’s funny!
  • “The Dummies Guide to Cancer Etiquette!” will be out in late 2019.

Book Signings

  • Diana will make book signings a fun experience! She will be happy to autograph a book for whomever the staff would like as well as donate one or two for an auction.

Items needed for Event

  • One hand held microphone
    One podium on stage as well as a small table and stool
    PowerPoint setup

Diana travels out of Los Angeles, California

Diana Jordan is unique in that she is a speaker and a stand-up comedienne. We were impressed that she took the time to learn in advance who her audience would be, and then artfully selected the material she thought would meet their expectations. She not only achieved that but exceeded my expectations for this premier event. Everyone had fun putting together their own "giggle-box" and the laughter club exercise. We found our funny!

Thanks to Diana. NorthBay salutes you, Diana!

Deborah Sugiyama

President, NorthBay Healthcare Group

“Your guests are guaranteed to leave informed, inspired, entertained and with a smile”

Catherine Stevenson

Community Resource Liaison Memorial

“Hire Diana! She proved how laughter is truly the best medicine and I LOVE her gigglebox.”

Dr. Oz

Dear Ms. Jordan,
Thank you so much for your participation in Financial Women International’s 82nd Annual Conference. I am overwhelmed by the dynamic delivery of your address, “The Power of the Happy Heart.”

90% of the respondents rated your performance at the highest levels. 90% found your program overall most effective

Please allow this letter to serve as a resounding affirmation for your program, and share it with others who request references of your work. Thank you again for sharing your talent with our organization

Melissa Curzon

Foundation Vice Chair, Financial Women Intrenational Foundation

“As the Keynote Speaker for our Oncology Nursing Symposium, Diana’s message of ‘Healing through laughter and love,’ as intertwined through her personal experience with cancer, was fun, funny, and refreshing. She made us laugh and she made us proud of the job we do everyday. It was exactly what the nurses needed after a long week at work!”

Kevin A Schreffler RN, MSN, OCN

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Winship Cancer Institute of Emory Healthcare Foundation

“On behalf of Long Island Health Network a resounding, THANK YOU for making Energizing the spirit of the Health Care Professional such a success! To energize is to rejuvenate, and everyone was inspired with a new self perspective, which will hopefully resonate through out our Network.

Kathleen Maslulus

Long Island Health Nework

“Dynamic and entertaining.”

Toyota Motor Corporation

“Creative and refreshing – a delightful break from our busy schedules.”

Human Resources Department, Northop Grumman