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BOOK DIANA NOW! Girls Night Out! “Female, Fertile & Frustrated!”
Girls Night Out

Girl's Night Out Speaker - Women's Event Speaker

Girl's Night Out Speaker - Women's Event Speaker Reviews:

“A show cleverly crafted mostly for women, but men like it too!”

Glen Doggerel Orange County Register

Girl's Night Out Speaker - Review

“The fantastic Diana Jordan recently starred in a stellar performance strictly for women at a Monday evening Girls’ night out to a packed house."

To say she was sensational is an understatement. Jordan was more than a laugh a minute. She was an absolute riot for her full 90-minute set. Frankly, the audience didn’t want to let her go. Truly, her “Girls Night Out!” was outstanding.

Her topics were those which women can relate to, such as dieting, going to the doctor, panties, thongs, the Wonder Bra, menopause, shopping, a bikini wax and wine, to name a few.

She described the best way not to leave lipstick on your wine glass. “Lick the glass first.” Her demonstration had the women howling and applauding. She wiggled her tongue onto the glass and around the rim. From that point on, whenever she took a sip, she licked her glass. The audience hardly stopped laughing and applauding.

Marco Island Sun Time, August 2016

Girl's Night Out Speaker - Review

It’s my pleasure to write a testimonial letter concerning Diana Jordan’s SELL OUT appearance, to an audience of 550 women, at NorthBay Center for Women’s Health’s first Spirit of Women Girls’ Night Out“.

From the moment Diana took the stage, our guests were treated to non-stop laughter. Connecting to each woman in the room with her real-life stories, which only another woman can truly relate too. Diana’s message was delivered with humor but was truly a message of hope, love, forgiveness, and power. It was clear Diana knew how to truly reach women in the audience and remind them of the importance of taking care of one’s self. At the last minute, she even became an impromptu model in our fashion show which added more anticipation to her performance.”

Lynne DiModica Women’s Services Program Coordinator, NorthBay Women’s Health Resource Center