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“The Power of a Happy Heart”

Diana Jordan, Nurse Speaker

Diana Jordan

Diana Jordan, Nurse Speaker

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“The Power of a Happy Heart”

"Diana Jordan is one of the funniest people on the Planet!"


"Diana Jordan is one of the funniest people on the Planet!"


 Heart Speaker, Diana Jordan is also a favorite Go Red Speaker!

“The Power of a Happy Heart – Healing Through Love & Laughter!”

Hundreds of Presentations for heart healthy groups- hundreds of standing ovations!


Diana was a huge hit at our Go Red Luncheon in both Abilene and San Angelo, Texas! Diana is super to work with and is an outstanding entertainer while delivering important facts and tools to help those with heart disease and prevention. She continues to be remembered here in Texas!”

Frann Smith- Corporate Market Director AHA

Diana understands heart disease all too well as it has played a major role in her life and her family’s.  As an extremely popular Go Red and Heart Health Speaker, Diana shares her stories of loss and prevention.  Losing her mother and recently her brother to this disease has given her an even stronger commitment to help others.

Recently diagnosed with aortic regurgitation, Diana is once again reminded of how heart disease runs in her family. When her cardiologist explained what aortic regurgitation was , she still managed to find the humor, “My love life is so bad even my heart is throwing up” Still finding the funny in life and thereby helping to reduce stress is a key factor in prevention and dealing with heart disease.

“Five of my aunts had heart disease and I grew up knowing how important lifestyle changes and attitude can affect your heart. I love speaking at Go Red luncheons because everyone is always so excited to be there and hear me speak, educate and entertain them!”

Diana considers one of her greatest accomplishments was making her mom laugh during the last few years of her life. Desperate about ways to help her, she discovered the extensive health benefits of laughter and healing. This started her two-year journey resulting in adding years and quality to her mother’s life.

“I remember my first Go Red Luncheon was in a small town in South Texas. In the summer. Hot! “Red clothing was flying off everywhere!”  She was such a hit that the word spread like a Texas wildfire across the country to other affiliates that as a Go Red Speaker, Diana brought personal experience, great take-away, a tear or two, and mostly, much needed laughter which of course is exercise for the heart!



Heart Speaker Objectives:
  1.  Diana has educated and entertained thousands of women on healthy heart issues over the past 15 years. The importance of early detection and yearly exams. Further, everyone needs to learn their family heart history and again, get those yearly checkups!
  2.  Important facts such as the signs of having  a woman are not always the same as a man. Discovering this can save your life or someone you love!
  3.  Understanding how laughter and having a sense of humor are very important ingredients in the prevention of a heart attack and keeping healthy afterward.  Laughter lowers blood pressure, massages the heart and reduces stress, hence giving an overall sense of well-being.
Diana is a strong advocate of early detection and preventative medicine…

A close friend and fellow classmate, Robin Williams taught Diana a thing or two about laughter! “I learned almost everything about comic timing and being fearless from Robin. He was special and inspirational and a genius.  “The Power of a Happy Heart” Presentation emphasizes the fact that approximately 5 years before he passed away Robin had emergency open heart surgery. What we are now discovering since his death is the link between depression and heart disease. I cover this new evidence in my presentations.”

This important study indicates that people with heart disease are more likely to suffer from depression than otherwise healthy people, hence there are more reasons to be proactive regarding your health and your heart.


For a unique and humorous Go Red Speaker or healthy heart speaker

Hire Diana Jordan! “I do it for my mom…”


Partial Go Red for Women list:

Go Red for Women- Dallas, Texas (National)

Go Red for Women- Richmond, Virginia

Go Red for Women- Pittsburg, PA

Go Red for Women- Missoula, Montana

Go Red for Women-Charlotte, North Carolina

Go Red for Women-Louisville, Kentucky

Go Red for Women- Billings, Montana

Go Red for Women- New Jersey

Go Red for Women- Cleveland, Ohio

Go Red for Women- Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Go Red for Women- Denver, Colorado

Go Red for Women- Waco, Texas

Go Red for Women- Chattanooga, Tennessee

Go Red for Women- Corpus Christi, Texas

Go Red for Women- Providence, Rhode Island

Go Red for Women- Greater Southeast Affiliates

Go Red for Women- Santa Maria, California

“Diana was the ideal speaker for our Covenant Heart Advantage event! Her presentation of ‘Laugh out Loud!’ drew over 1,200 guests. We believe Diana was a large part of this success. She connected on a personal level and rave reviews continue to come in. A delight to our community I eagerly recommend to other organizations, their number of attendances will skyrocket! I am a star within my organization! Thanks, Diana!”

Barbara Hoffman

Director of Marketing & Planning Committee