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The Journey

Find The Humor

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations...

Can cancer be a laughing matter? Do we need a book called,” Cancer Etiquette for Dummies.”?

“A couple of weeks after my mastectomy, Diana says, a friend’s brother said to me, ‘I feel bad that you’re going through such a bad time and I understand. My mom’s sister had a vasectomy!”

Realizing that people need a little help understanding things from the patient and survivors point of view Diana currently is writing that book, Cancer Etiquette for Dummies. An active fundraiser for many cancer organizations including The Susan G. Komen Foundation as well as the Cancer Alliance. With this disease on the rise Diana finds herself in high demand as not only a breast cancer survivor speaker but also a cancer Speaker in general. “People do not realize how many different kinds of cancers there are. I am willing to share my experiences and the effects it has had on me as a patient and survivor as well as on my family and friends.”

Diana is also a  supporter of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation where they HONOR FARRAH'S OWN FIGHT WITH CANCER.

In 1980 colon cancer claimed the life of her father and most recently her brother lost his battle with lung cancer. Being a ten-year survivor Diana is determined not have a recurrence and she works diligently at prevention. Her mission statement: “Early detection equals prevention.” She emphasizes the importance of stress reduction as well as the critical nature of following a good nutritional plan, having more fun, being socially active, accepting your new normal and ‘finding the funny' in life in general. ‘Humor is all around us! Pay attention to your life! It’s talking to you!” Diana is unique in that her Presentation is not only motivational but it becomes perfectly clear why Oprah calls her, “One of the funniest people on the Planet!” Audiences not only love her down home Oklahoma style and humor but also love the energy and positivity that fills the room the moment she hits the stage!

“Bring Diana to your next event to 'liven' things up and let everyone rejoice in being alive!

The Second Part of Diana’s Journey… Insult was added to her injury when within the first six months following her mastectomy she was using a heating pad on her tummy as a form of warmth and comfort. She fell asleep. As those in the business know that following a mastectomy the breast has no feeling. No nerve endings. Unfortunately she was unaware that a corner of the high heat-producing pad had crept up and was touching a section of the breast. Unaware, the next morning she discovered that the Heating pad had burned a hole in the breast and barely missed the implant. Doctors were not able to save to breast. Although devastated Diana called upon her inner strength and ability to overcome lives challenges to pull her through six more operations. Never losing her sense of humor and unstoppable wit, when Diana’s reconstruction Doctor told her that since they had to redo the breast would she like him to make it a bigger size. Thinking she should get something out of this experience she instantly quipped, ‘Let me put it this way, Doc. When I fly, I want to be the flotation device!”

Diana is a favorite Breast Cancer Survivor and Cancer Speaker.

Even though such a serious subject audiences will laugh through her "Oops" moments with Tom Cruise when she appeared in the hit movie “Jerry Maguire”. They will share an “Oopsrah” moment while she performed her comedy routine on the Oprah Winfrey show and what it was like to date and what she learned about how important laughter is in our lives from Robin Williams.

Diana leaves audiences with laughter and a more positive way to deal with this difficult situation.


  • Exhibit how to use laughter and humor to cope with stress, change, pain management and attitude.
  • Explore the many health benefits of laughter (massages the heart, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, and helps you lose weight! Yea!
  • Dealing with friends and family and how to understand that they have a difficult time as well.
  • How to find your funny by making and using your own ‘Giggle Box!” (A Dr. Oz favorite!)
  • Getting used to your ‘New Normal’ and how to continue the journey with hope and humor.