Diana Jordan -Mental Health and Wellness Speaker!

Diana Jordan, Nurse Speaker


Oprah selects Diana Jordan, “One of the funniest people on the Planet!”

 Diana Jordan

Diana Jordan, Nurse Speaker

 Mental Health and Wellness Speaker


Oprah selects Diana Jordan as, “One of the funniest people on the Planet!”

Mental health and wellness is a topic very important to Diana Jordan.  A dynamic and exciting Healthcare Speaker as well as a certified laughter therapist, she combines these skills, a college Major in psychology, her own personal struggles, (including surviving childhood trauma and later in life, breast cancer) provides a well-rounded and yes, funny Presentation!  An award-winning stand-up comedian, Diana will bring heartwarming stories, triumphs, applicable tools and share how laughter literally saved her life!

Funny you should ask…

“What’s in it for me?” a client asked. “Well, funny you should ask.” I replied.  What was odd about this conversation was it was with a therapist – oh, sorry-I mean a ‘mind architect.’  A therapist can be all well and good but personally, I want to hear from someone who has experienced to some degree what I have been through.

I was always interested in mental health. I minored in it at the University of Oklahoma. I spent (and still do) the last 25 years of my life as a top rated stand up comedian- Oprah’s funniest choice.  Ten of those years I’ve elected to speak to people about healing, laughter, and take them on a fun and funny journey for an hour or so.  It’s been extremely successful.

The truth has a way of God smacking you when you least expect it.  It took me into my 50’s get the message.  I was a child of trauma.  

As a mental health and wellness speaker I bring my stories, experiences and shine a light on how most of us have or are suffering from some sort of trauma. How I used comedy to cover-up the pain and when I made the choice to stop it.

Trauma finds it way into all areas of our life. Sharing with practical advice and tools through the magical porthole of laughter is my gift to each and every audience.

“On behalf of the Base Pair/SOAR Community Science Forum this week, the audience absoutely had a love affair with you! The sessions entertained, informed and moved everyone! Oprah’s praise for your abilities is true!

Rob Rockhold, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Professor-

Univ. of Mississippi Medical Center