Is there anything better than a contagious giggle that you absolutely can?t control?



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Even if some consider it inappropriate! Inappropriate laughter is the best kind! It?s fun by yourself but even better with a friend. When you desperately try to hold it in and your eyes catch their eyes and you are afraid you are going to need a Depends. I say laugh at ever chance you have! If people don?t like it that?s too bad. The #American Heart Association says that you are five times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke if you stuff your emotions Laughter is a release. Let it out no matter what orifice it comes out of! If you?re in an elevator and let out a ?little stinky? just look to the person in the elevator with you and tell them you are just saving your life!

There is a new field called?gelotology?which is exploring the benefits of laughter.?Public awareness arose after its mention in #Norman Cousins? memoir?Anatomy of an Illness. Cousins found that comedies, like those of the #Marx Brothers, helped him feel better and get some pain-free sleep. That?s because laughter helps the pituitary gland release its own pain-suppressing opiates.

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America's Funniest Nurses Speaker

"The Healing Power of Laugher"

Nourishing the nurse within you.

I grew Awesome! Great “EDU-TAINMENT!” Your “learn and laugh” was a big hit!  Your presentation was sooo funny, and I know the nurses loved every bit of it! 

Thank You!

Joy S. Robinson, MS

Office of Human Resources and Learning, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities

Hilarious Nurse’s speaker guaranteed to revive, refresh, and reinvigorate your next nursing events! Not your typical cookie-cutter speaker!

Life is back in session! You have permission to laugh!

Corporate Event Speaker

"Be Bold and Brave!"

How women can be Fearless & more productive using humor!

Diana is a certified laughter therapist

“The hustle brings the dollar; the experience brings the knowledge. The persistence~ brings the success!”

What makes Diana Jordan a different kind of women’s motivational speaker is how she uses a big twist of humor to deliver her takeaway tools and motivation. “We’ve traded in our punchlines for pants-suits! Life is in session again and it’s time to rediscover your sense of humor and all the rewards it brings to you and your associates!” Why is humor so important in productivity? Human connection? Closing the deal?  Diana shares strategies that can help deal with stress, anxiety & burnout using the vehicle of comedy that assures a fun and rewarding presentation.