Womens Business Speaker!

Diana Jordan- America’s Funniest Motivational Speaker

Diana Jordan

Diana Jordan, Nurse Speaker


America’s  Funniest Motivational Womens Corporate & Leadership Speaker!


How to be Fearless & more Productive using humor!

 Not your usual cookie- cutter Speaker, veteran stand-up comedian Diana knows women need real courage. You cannot do it all or alone.  Recent studies prove that using humor equals being a better leader & team builder which generates more business.

90% of the respondents rated your performance at the highest level!

90% found your program overall most effective!

“Diana was fabulous, she got her message across!”

Melissa Curzon

Foundation Vice Chair, Financial Women's Int'l Foundation

Diana Jordan, Nurse Speaker


Everyone is still talking about yoou!  You had them laughing and crying. Thanks for helping us make the women’s day a success. Your standing ovation was well deserved!


Mary Paauwe

Chair person, Kalamazoo Area Women's Festival

"Diana Jordan is one of the funniest people on the Planet!"


"Diana Jordan is one of the funniest people on the Planet!"


Women’s Corporate Leadership Speaker- Leadership & Laughter!

Are you addicted to stress?

Looking for a Woman’s Business Speaker who will not only make real sense, offer up actionable tools and also make you laugh? Former veteran stand-up comedian Diana knows women need real courage. You cannot do it all or alone.  Be a better leader & team builder using humor.

Why is laughter so vital to our health and well-being? Learn why with Dynamic Diana at your next event.  Why is humor so important to productivity? Why is just a simple smile important to bonding employees and diffusing difficult situations? Diana also gives her unique and hilarious perspective on the world of women including the changing responsibilities, workplace stress, relationship stress, social media pressure, and even menopause and dealing with ageism.   

It is so vital that women support one another especially during these turbulent times. Diana provides useful tools to help us deal with today’s demands including why humor is a secret weapon and how it can be implemented as a coping mechanism and icebreaker. Humor aids in building relationships with clients, one another, and encourages teamwork.

On the funny side: Women still live in a time where we could question, “Why is it that so many things that are painful to a woman begin with the male gender? Men-o-pause, Men-struation, His-terectomy, Guy-necology, Men-tal illness, Him-rroids…” Welcome to the fun-filled motivational and educational world of Diana Jordan who as an Internationally Certified Laughter Therapist makes for a dynamite Presentation!

A twelve-year breast cancer survivor (YAY!) Diana also delivers an important healthcare message of self-care.

Experience why Oprah calls Diana, “One of the funniest people on the planet!” Laughing and finding our inner sense of humor is certainly something we could all use more of. As well as being a motivational speaker for women’s conferences, Diana Jordan is an author, entrepreneur, CEO, and advocate for women’s health and Business Achievement.


One of America’s top women’s business speakers, Diana Jordan is guaranteed to make your women’s events or meeting an enormous success and you a hero for hiring her!

Keynote Objectives: (or can be tailored to your event)
  • Passion stress – How to deal with it without losing your mind.
  • Secrets to being fearless in life and business.
    The health benefits of laughing and making the choice to “light-up!” and incorporate humor in your life and work
  • How to use laughter therapy as exercise and lose weight.
  • How laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships.
  • How to use humor to diffuse potentially bad situations.
  • Delivers statistics of how humor bonds people, increases work performance, reduces absenteeism and encourages creativity in the workplace.
  • Diana uses personal experiences to describe how a sense of humor can be a learned and applied behavior.
  • Let Diana empower your audience to use laughter to cope with stress, change, and burnout.

“We hired Diana Jordan for a Women’s Wellness Forum and can’t wait to have her back!  Not only did she have us roaring with laughter, but she also really taught us the importance of finding the humor in all aspects of our lives.  Diana left a spark in this little town; people still talk about how much they loved her.”

Heather L. Stage

Chief Administrative Officer, MHA Foundaton

“Thank you for making this conference so successful!” 

Coreen Morgan

CPMSM, Treasurer, FAMSS