Angelina Jolie -Just thinking…

Should everyone be able to be tested for the BRACA gene? Should it be covered by health insurance. You bet.  It is a rare gene, but if there is cancer in your family, please get it done.

When I heard about Angelina Jolie and her bi- lateral mastectomy, I was as stunned as everyone else.  I did think, being a sex symbol, mom and just a woman, it was a brave decision- but really, she had no choice.
Finding out she had the BRACA gene inherited from her mom, 85 % chance she would get breast cancer.

I was even more surprised when I was watching TV and saw the Doctor, Dr. Christy Funk, of the Pink Lotus Breast Cancer Center talking in a news conference.  That was MY doctor!  43 years old, beautiful and brilliant- I knew Angelina was in good-hands and would come out looking great.  I remember Dr. funks’ first concern was getting my cancer and also concerned that my breast would look pretty after reconstruction.  I liked that.

My message is:  I went to five, count ’em five, breast surgeons until I found her. Same with the reconstruction surgeon, Dr, Jay Orringer in Beverly Hills. He said, ” I want to be your caregiver…”  that word, caregiver, a wonderful word. I was hooked. But I did my homework on my Doctors which is one of the reasons i got a good result. One breast reconstructed, the other, my real breast, doubled in size! yea!  He ask me if I wanted to go bigger. I said, “when I fly, I want TO BE the flotation device!”

I chose not to remove the healthy breast.  My decision and I think it was the right one.  Angelina did not have a choice. But I will bet you she had a good reconstruction surgeon and we will be seeing cleavage soon. I just found out I had the same doctor as Angelina!!
Can’t say I don’t do my research!

Every woman should make sure to do plenty of research when seeking any doctor.

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