A cropped shot of a handsome businessman under strain as colleagues request various things from him

Do you think you can become addicted to stress?

I live in Malibu.? EVERY other corner is a recovery center with names like, “Promises! ?”Broken Promises.” Love Me, Don?t Love Me ! ?”I’m ok, you suck.”?EVERY corner but? there is NO recovery Program or Center for being addicted to Stress.? What would they call them?? ?Get the hell out of my face!?

?I said I?m fine!?? and my personal favorite, ?Where?s the Xanax??

You have to let it blow! ?Let it out.? Let everything out.? I don?t care if it?s gas.? Let it out!? You can?t stuff your emotions.? You are five times more likely to die from a heart attack if you stuff your emotions.? ?Next time you let it out and someone thinks your are stinky and calls you rude you just tell them, ?Hey, I?m just saving me life!?

And once you get on that EMOTION-COASTER , ?that cycle of ?feeling ?like the high from being in love, you just want more of it. Wanting more of it feels powerful. ?To be overloaded with stress makes some people feel like a winner. ?In actuality being addicted to stress ?makes you old and it makes you sick, and it makes you no good to anybody.

Having a sense of humor helps tremendously.? Just a sweet smile.? I know a lot of you say ?Well, I don?t have a sense of humor.? I?ll bet you do.? A lot of people ask me where can they get a sense of humor. ??Diana, can I buy a sense of humor on QVC?

Some people are so grouchy and cheap I suggest, that perhaps they should just start out browsing for one at The Dollar Store.