Having a pet can really reduce stress.

Have you read that people have pets that look like them??It’s not hard to figure to figure out that I have a Shiz Tsu.

I named her Scoots because that’s what she loves to do across the carpet?everyday! ?Berber carpet is like a trip to Hawaii to her. ?If I go to a friends?house and see they have Berber I won’t even step in the door with her. “Gotta?go, I just remembered an appointment.”

I didn’t know the scooting meant she had a problem ?I thought it was a trick. ?”Look,?she thinks she’s a vacuum cleaner!” I would tell people. ?”You’re dog needs to?go to the vet,” they would say to me.

So off to the Vet.
The Vet says to me?”Your dog has hemorrhoids. ?Here’s some ointment.” ?”Eweeee.” I said.?So I put it on the carpet.?All’s well that ends well. ?My stress was relieved, ?and she sends me postcards from Hawaii.
“Bottoms up!”