A few weeks ago I was working a Cancer show in Scottsdale, Arizona- a popular retirement area, “God’s waiting room” some call it.

Attending were those that had had cancer, loved ones and friends and some even in Chemo.?About 100 of them.

So, I’m telling my Story, my journey and of course it’s filled with humor (cause that’s the?kind of Speaker and person I am) “Find the Funny!!!’ and as I’m talking about how i found?my tumor with a yearly mammogram, this older woman in the front speaks up, ‘My cat found my breast cancer.’ I ignored her. “My cat found my breast cancer!” she said a little louder.?Now I thought she said her cat had breast cancer and I love playing with the audience but Kitty cancer?ain’t my forte but I played along. “Your cat had breast cancer? Don’t cats have 6 or 8 nipples?

How does that work? Agitated she said, ‘MY CAT FOUND MY BREAST CANCER!” ‘OK, I said,?how did your cat find your breast cancer?” (the audience is looking at us like we are crazy)?She said, “My cat scratched my breast and when i went to put ointment on it I found a 5cm tumor.” ‘Well, I said, Guess that gives new meaning to getting a CAT SCAN!”

To say the audience went wild with laughter (everyone except her) is an understatement. I almost fell off the stage laughing at my comic timing (hey 30 years of experience!)

Then my mind started to whirl. I thought, is this the new Affordable Care Mammogram? “Hey Nurse, Mrs. Rushkin here needs her yearly mammogram. Get me Fluffy the Cat in here.”

Affordable care act affects men to. What’s next? When a dog comes up and sniffs a man?in ‘that part’ he’s not’smelling another dog.’ that’s the Affordable Care Act Prostate Exam.”

Just thinking…